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Linick Group, Inc. receives prestigious award from Long Island Business News!

This revised edition is a gold mine of information. I would not part with it for any price.”
—Master Glen Premru, 8th Dan
International Weapons Champion
Rave Reviews
The Mind Keepers
But readers will think beyond the margins of this evocative,
entertaining story toward making an ethical—dare one say moral— judgment about the dubious behavior of dark power, even as it claims
to have only our safety and significant interests at heart.”
—Robert Bonazzi, Book Columnist, San Antonio Express-News; Author of Man in the Mirror: John Howard Griffen and Black Like Me
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Best-Sellers in the Making...

Regardless of your age, if you cherish optimism, humor, and honesty, here are many inspirational, thought-provoking, educational, and entertaining works touching on such topics as: how-to, self-improvement, freedom, loneliness, success, martial arts, romance, desire, mystery, faith, love and truth. These authors also share their insights gleaned from their pilgrimages for personal growth.

You’ll Relate On A Personal Level

To Difficult Themes That Thread Throughout Life’s Many Changes.

We all change in many ways and in personal nature: everybody, whether husband or wife, father or mother, daughter or son, friend or lover or significant other, will appreciate the meaningful words of our authors—for we have all experienced and shared these emotions, passions or feelings from within. We’ve chosen authors whose words evoke emotions in all of us who love to read. These books were chosen for their warm intensity, a good command of expressed language and a great sincerity of purpose.

We hope you’ll enjoy the rewarding reading experiences,

both sensitive and poignant, from what life has to offer.

Though the books chosen are varied, central to the New World Press collection is our authors’ uncanny ability to bring these emotions we all experience to life, to consider those questions we have all asked, and to encourage the positive zest for knowledge and living we should all experience.

We hope you embark on this journey
into, perhaps, the most undiscovered
Best Sellers to date.

Andrew S. Linick — Founder

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Eryn Adams’s " King of the Shore”
Riveting Sci-Fi Adventure!

The notorious Marcus Bass takes his vengeance quest to the invasion of Planet Charen, where he receives an unexpected secret mission. From ancient ruins to interstellar weaponry, you won’t be able to put this spellbinding saga down!


Price: $18.95

Hal Schweig's " The Strange Odyssey of Peter Sampson" EBOOK

"One of the most provocative and controversial novels in recent American Fiction."

K. Tenner, Book Review Editor, The Digest


An epic encompassing an intimate story that chronicles Sampson’s ultimate triumph over personal despair and hopelessness—a victory of newfound spirituality over the specter of death that has haunted three generations.

EBOOK Price: $6.95


Kenneth MacLean's "The Mind Keepers"
An Action-Adventure-Mystery you won't want to miss from a 21st Century Jules Verne!

When someone kills Neilly’s best friend, he is drawn back into the danger of his former life with the FBI and discovers a weapon that can forcibly alter thoughts, produce bodiless voices and kill without trace.


Price: $17.95

Verna Maclean's "Farewell Rhilochan"
A Colorful, Poignant Historical Romance

A tale of love, loss and hope set during the Highland Clearances of 1806. A must read for the lovers of Scottish history, undaunted love and magnificent courage!


M. A. Nolte’s " Shared Moments"
Keepsake Coloring Album – Volume One
A Coloring Book that will make a difference in your family's life!

A unique gift for both parent and child, this cheerful, keepsake album provides large, 9”X12” coloring pages with corresponding Bible devotionals for children of any age!