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Welcome to New World Press

The Publishing Arm of The Linick Group, Inc. 

Linick Building-Seven Putter Lane -Middle Island, NY 11953-010 Phone: 631.924.3888 

Fax: 631.924.3890 Email:

New World Press Books has been successfully serving authors and publishers for over thirty-seven years. Here is a list of a few of our CLIENTS.  In addition to our own titles, we provide a full range of services from concept to sales in all budget categories.  Visit our list of publishing and marketing SERVICES and let us serve your publishing and marketing needs.

The Linick Group, Inc. embraces the ideal that all clients are not created equal. They are much more important than that! Guaranteed satisfaction and friendly, personalized service are the benchmarks that define our mission and philosophy. In short, the client is our friend and we are in business to make certain that all client/friends' expectations are not simply met but exceeded, greatly!

The Linick Group of Companies is a multi-divisional organization that provides a virtual, one-stop shop for the Direct Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Publishing, and Travel Trades' promotional and creative needs. It is unique in the business world as its whole is much greater than the sum of its component companies. Founded by Andrew S. Linick more than 30 years ago, it has an extensive roster of successful, satisfied clients that range from some of the worlds largest fortune 100 companies to individual Publishers, Authors, Advertising Agencies and Small Press firms that have all grown and prospered with help from The Linick Group.

We have been serving a wide variety of VIP Clients since 1968! Please VISIT OUR LIST OF COMPANIES , and follow the links of this presentation to learn more about the quality, proven, affordable services we offer for all your publishing, marketing and public relations needs.



Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D. is to mail order/direct marketing circles what Steven Spielberg is to special effects film-making. Dr. Linick is known in the trade as The Copyologist®, and is the world's 6th highest paid freelance copywriter in direct marketing because of his consistently astounding success. Starting in his spare time -- with a kitchen table for an "office" -- he built an international mail order publishing empire. Dr. Linick sold over $800 million worth of products and services for himself and clients since he founded his business in 1967. Among his many achievements, he was inducted into the Copywriter's Council Hall of Fame in 1987. Today, Dr. Linick knows that anybody can find, write, print, publish, market, advertise, promote, distribute and sell books and information products via measurable mail order advertising and targeted public relations methods.


Specialists In Direct Response Advertising -Internet and Direct Marketing Campaigns-Mail Order-Lead Generation/Conversion Targeted Guaranteed “Pay-4-Results” Public Relations Placements for Newspaper, Television, Radio Online and Print Publications Printing Website Construction/Design/Hosting/Makeovers/Search Engine Optimization


Business/Marketing Action Plans Mail Order Ads/Media Placement

Sound Advice-by-Phone

Fresh Copy & Breakthrough Strategies for Profitable Customer Relationship Marketing from initial brainstorming ideas & designs through A—Z fulfillment . . .

The Linick Group of Companies: Summary of Services

Linick Building-Seven Putter Lane -Middle Island, NY 11953-010
Phone: 631.924.3888 Fax: 631.924.3890 Email: RogerDextor@NEWWORLDPRESSBOOKS.COM
1. Professional Copywriting Referral Services and Strategic Partners

Copywriter’s Council of America (Freelancers) div. of The Linick Group, Inc., Professional referral organization of over 25,000 freelance direct response advertising copywriters and communications specialists experienced in over 1,450 categories in business, consumer and industrial markets. CCA matches up the best creative freelance talent within your budget®. Satisfaction guaranteed on all creative and consultative services.

2. Direct Response Advertising

div. of The Linick Group, Inc. Full service direct marketing advertising agency specializing in space and direct mail, mail order and multi-media campaigns, alternate media, mailing lists new product/service consultation by phone/fax/person and creative DR copywriting services

3. Interactive Mail Order/Direct Marketing Agency

L.K. Advertising Agency, div. of The Linick Group, Inc. Provide full service advertising and marketing strategies, product/offer positioning, visionary copy ideas, dynamic layout and graphic design, deep discount media placement for first-time/veteran direct marketers, generate maximum results & immediate response mail order print ads/direct mail packages for entrepreneurs and medium to large size firms.

4. Media Buying Services 4 Less

Media Planners, Inc., div. of The Linick Group, Inc. Full service media buying company specializing in placing print advertising in consumer publications at substantial discounts. Develop print media advertising tests and full roll-out programs for first-time/seasoned mail order and direct response advertisers in over 10,450 media outlets including magazines, newspapers, FSI’s, alternate media, radio, cable/TV, Internet— websites/search engines and newsgroups. Call for Free Media List and Rate Request Form.

5. Mailing Lists-Direct Response Specialists

L.K. Lists, div. The Linick Group, Inc. Providers of list brokerage, management and consulting services to magazine, book and newsletter publishers, financial and mail order companies, business-to-business companies for 38 years. Consulting services include in-depth list & market analysis, psycho-graphic/lifestyle targeting, response analysis and forecasting for medium to high-volume mailers.

6. Targeted Public Relations

Blitz Media-Direct Communications, div. of The Linick Group, Inc., services for advertising agencies, publishers, business owners and firms needing free publicity for products/services using Measurable Response Public Relations™ on a guaranteed placement basis. Call for Free Idea Chart: How to get thousands of dollars of free publicity for your product, service, organization, or idea.

7. Advertising, Publishing, Mail-Order Consultation

Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D.—The Copyologist®, div. of The Linick Group, Inc. Strategy, planning, visionary ideas, new business product development and sound, cost-effective advice on a 100% money-back guarantee. Call for Free insider’s report on How to test your product/service for under $5,000.

8. Direct Mail Production

L. K. Graphics Div. Linick Group, Inc. Digital pre-press creative services/typesetting/design and laser personalization from ads through pre-printed response mail express envelopes.

9. Book Promotion and Marketing Information Products Adviceline

The Author’s, Writer’s, Book Publisher’s Advice-Line™, div. of The Linick Group, Inc. Innovative, cost-saving, money-producing, sound advice by phone on a 100% money-back guarantee. Adviceline for first-time authors, seasoned writers, self-publishers, university and independent presses — producing, marketing, distributing and selling books and all other information products/services.


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