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Linick Building-Seven Putter Lane -Middle Island, NY 11953-010 Phone: 631.924.3888 Fax: 631.924.3890 Email:

Thank You for Your interest in our Book Promotion and PR services for authors and publishers!

At New World Press,  we are dedicated to helping new authors, writers and self-publishers perhaps, like yourself, achieve big PR coverage and remarkable results within a cost-effective budget.  Here is a list of a few of our elated CLIENTS.

We offer  three major options to our clients as an introduction to our services. While you are reviewing our capabilities through these programs please remember that we are FLEXIBLE with great emphasis on this. We can work within most reasonable budgets.

ADDITIONALLY, we offer a personal CONSULTING SERVICE that is guaranteed to give you results!  If you have been shopping in this arena, you will recognize that our guarantee is totally unique-that is how confident we are in our talent, experience and dedication to our clients!

Please visit  the web page links below in full confidence. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.


In celebration of our 38th Anniversary we are offering you a huge 76% discount on full distribution to ALL seven media categories covered in a BlitzMediaWire release for authors.

Please click on the link below to see massive media coverage at an incredibly low cost.

Arts and Entertainment Targeted PR and Media Distribution


Affordable Book Promotion Package for
limited advertising budgets.

For as little as $9.10 per article. . .
this news media gives you incredible reach at fabulous savings. Getting news of your new title in a blurb over BlitzMediaWire services to 12,500 newspapers for a guaranteed 100 . . . up to 600 story placements on your book is a good bargain!

Click HERE to Save 65% With Book News Public Relations CO-OP


You can determine your book's sales appeal and marketing potential testing small classified ads of 25 words for as little as $230; i.e. Your ad can appear in Metro New York’s 59 weekly papers, circulation 907,601 with a low Cost Per Thousand (cpm) of just $0.30 cents.

We rep all states. Another example is Oklahoma. We can buy an 25 word classified ad in all 208 papers 44 daily and 164 weekly with a circulation of 1,900,000 for just $370 per week or $0.19 CPM-now that’s a super deal— a real bargain as is all the state, national and regional papers we represent in our Networks.

Classified ad pulls up to 17 times it’s cost!

Bob Bly, Master copywriter and prolific author of over 60 books says— "I have written and run classified ads that pulled up to 17 times their cost in product/book sales. A successful ad will bring in inquiries at a cost of 25 cents to $1 per lead," he adds.

Classified & Small Display Ads

These ads offer you the ability to target book buyers on a state-by-state or regional basis at a cost per thousand ranging from 22 cents to 84 cents. And best of all, the results are immediately measurable if we code each ad for you.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Click below to review some of our PRINTMEDIA4LESS* classified ad rates to see how inexpensive it is to drive visitors to your website, or your PO Box address and convert them into buyers.

(*PM4LESS is a subsidiary of our parent company,
The Linick Group of Companies as is Blitz Media-Direct)

Click here: For Classified

Click here: For Display

We are here to serve your PR, advertising, marketing and consultative book-selling needs.

We can offer you professional, affordable expertise to help you promote, publicize and sell more books.

Just let us know when you would like to get started, or give us a call to get acquainted before you decide at 631.924.3888. If you'd prefer, we will contact you.

Click HERE to provide us with your contact information and the best time to reach you. We can also fax additional information about our capabilities if you would like something in hard copy to review.  ALSO, check out our BOOK PLANNING AND PROMOTION LIST to request information on these all important, money making details!

Best Regards,

Roger Dextor
Blitz Media-Direct
Call 631.924.3888 • 631.924.8555

PS: Privacy Policy: We respect your privacy and will not share your email or personal information ever!