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“My wife and I started this writing venture about 3 years ago with the intent my wife would write mystery/suspense novels (full time) and I would handle the business end (while providing the family income until published).

After some training and course work, my wife spent two years writing (and re-writing) her first novel. My wife already has a Russian literature degree, but still needed work to regain her talent. During that period, we queried some 60 or so agents with no success. A few asked to see the work, usually returning it with the only comment ‘no thanks’ written on the front. We even fell for the ‘for free’ agents and they were no better.

During that period, my wife wrote her second novel. We again queried over 120 agents over a one-year period, with little success. The only agents interested returned the work with ‘no comment,’ ‘no thanks,’ or incorrect reference to the work. One agent even referred us to an ‘editor,’ who later turned out to give very little (and misleading) information for a high price.

That agent, upon reviewing the revised manuscript, also rejected us with no advice.

My wife’s first book had been completely re-written six times, and the second one twice, mostly from self-study (she is a heavy reader and intense student) and on-line newsgroups and service providers (like Compuserve).

At this point, I decided to take an alternative route. I looked in the current Literary Market Place for a consultant and ad/copywriting agency dealing with literary people centered in the New York area.

The only set of firms listed all centered around the Blitz Media-Direct group and Dr. Linick. I faxed Dr. Linick an introductory letter, asking for help in locating a literary agency.

He called back, in person, recommending an initial review of my wife’s work. From the start, Dr. Linick was willing to offer suggestions and alternatives prior to receiving any payment.

I followed his suggestions, sending him 3 full copies of my wife’s second novel. For more than a reasonable fee, my wife received critiques from 3 different editors working in the New York area. They offered suggestions, citing detailed specifics in the manuscript, each critique was extensive and one even did a complete line edit of the first 65 pages.

The volume and detail of the returned critiques far exceed our expectations.

We were then offered an opportunity to work with a member of the Copywriters Council of America, for a very reasonable fee, to make our manuscript salable.

The benefits of the services offered by the Blitz Media-Direct group, Dr. Linick, and the Copywriters Council of America have far exceeded their cost. Their help has been invaluable in providing my wife a chance to have a salable book. I recommend their creative editorial services to anyone who needs honest, highly reliable expertise – with TLC.”
—David G. Bennett and Ruth A. Bennett




“I just had to tell you how pleased I was with your advice. My two-hour conference call had enough information in it to center my plan of on my entire advertising campaign. (Pulitzer Prize Blitz for ‘CANNIBALS IN THE MIDST’). There are only six short months until they announce the Pulitzer winners in April.

I have interviewed with many book manufacturing experts, but none had the ‘chutzpah’ to zero in on what was necessary to get the job done in an expedient way. I don’t need to be strung along with cliché-centered advertising. But more importantly, I can’t rationalize how we have been able to center in so keenly on each other, as individuals. We have never met, but I know we are both strong-willed and aggressive enough to do ANY JOB we put out minds to. I think the ‘life force’ of both our lives is to ‘FIND A NEED AND FILL IT!’ And we fill the need by whatever means is necessary!

I work with a lot of organizations. It would have taken a month of meetings to accomplish what we did in two hours.

Thanks for your guidance, sound advice, and honesty.”
—Adrian J. Harris   

 Author & Pulitzer Prize Nominee

“Dr.  Linick,  I want to heartily thank you for the striking new cover designed for my novel, The Mind Keepers. The shadowed face and single eye it presents are not only dramatic and compelling, they truly suggest the book’s motive and content.  The geographic “net” reflected in the eye of the pictured “Mind Keeper” deftly suggests both the earth-wide significance of the topic and the covert technology that the novel asserts threatens our democratic concept. To have such true artistry of design, together with the pleasure of dealing with a warmly human gentleman like yourself, is a double reward.”
—Dr. Kenneth MacLean
Author, The Mind Keepers


“My wife and I are thrilled with how you improved my original title by adding three key words to entice and pique readers emotions to want to buy my e-book. Your powerful book cover design conveys a mood to hook readers right away-just like a Hollywood movie poster. You matched the front cover to my topic of spiritual metamorphosis by portraying the Butterfly. Thank you so much for creating a great-looking, well-balanced, graphic designed cover that pre-sells my Novel. The quote you got for us from your vast media contacts says it all!

The critiques provided by your three acquisition editors gave me invaluable professional views of my novel. Utilizing their astute  insights, I was able to substantially improve the marketability of the book.”
—Hal Schweig
Potential Best-Selling Author


“Dr. Andrew Linick and The Linick Group of professionals are the new writer’s best allies. Andrew Linick is the team leader of the finest creative and editorial talent available in America. Through their combined abilities, attributes and experiences the solution for any problem is always at his fingertips.

For over thirty-seven years market challenge was Dr. Linick’s profession. Then, as now, helping new writers achieve great success is his passion. His first step is guidance through the tough troughs of trial and error. He knows the proven paths of results and counsels his clients away from expensive mistakes. At the same time, The Linick Group enhances the writer’s product. For really tough problems, he and his team are always just a phone call away.

I’ve met with Andrew Linick and his editors for lunch on three separate occasions (in Orlando, Oklahoma and NY). Dr. Linick’s commitment to total client satisfaction is warm and sincere, a difficult find in today’s competitive publishing marketplace. Additionally, no percentages are taken from the artist, making Linick the most cost-effective solution to book and product sales on the writer’s market today.

As good as that sounds, his productions are even better and at a fraction of the cost of other companies. You can count on Andrew Linick and his team of experts to get things done the right way the first time and within your budget! I did and I’m very happy with my results.”

—Author has requested anonymity

Testimonial on file


We just had to write to tell you how delighted we were with the information you recently sent us.

The material and guidance on writing our own book was so comprehensive. We never would have been able to compile all the information on our own. In fact, much of it is not found in print or at the library. It is "INSIDER" information, so to speak. The steps you outline are so easy to follow.

When we first contracted your help, we were a little nervous about spending $800 in advance for your expertise. We are not saying you aren't worth it, but now that we think about it, we anticipated being let down. But you surpassed our expectations. You have given us so much more for our money than you promised. You gave us extra information and were very generous with your time on the phone for the same first amount of cost.

We honestly believe you want to help make our first book turn out the best it can be. No one should be afraid to write their own book. We hope others will take advantage of the wonderful opportunities you offer and we will surely recommend your services to others.

Thank you once again for all of your help. We surely appreciate it.

P.S. The knowledge you gave us was worth ten times the $800 we mailed you to get us started in the right direction.”
—John & Michelle Baker, Authors 



“I would like to thank all the people who contributed in the production of this book. To Robert "Les" Arling for his valuable assessment information and consultation throughout this book. To John S. Rieve of Vertex, Inc. To Dr. Andrew Linick for his valuable marketing consultation.* To Dan Poynter, author of The Self-Publishing Manual. To Jan Fox, Mary Anthony, Debra Biela and Tammy Albanos for their assistance in the production of this book. To the many employees of each state that assisted me in the research of this book.”

—Gary Whalen, Author

The Complete Homeowner’s Guide to Lowering Your Real Estate Taxes (a Get Rich Book Club Main Selection of the Month and winner of the 1991 Best Money Maker Award)


*Sold out first printing for client--3,500 books. Hooked up major book wholesalers, chains, libraries and media for home interviews…. Ninety days and the books were sold out.

About Non-fiction book: Science, Faith, Echoes of Eternity—the Mystery of Christendom: A Human Drama Merging Science, Religion and History by James P. Jacobs

"Thanks to your PR efforts I’ve sold out my first printing of 7,500 books. You promised results and I got them. I need to print up books in a hurry! Be well."

—L. Presser


“Was my catching the train from Atlantic City, New Jersey at 4:00 A.M. to make a 2-hour consultative session at 10:30 A.M. with you worth it? You bet!

In less than two hours you not only answered all my questions, but asked me questions I should have thought of and didn’t. It’s like you read my mind. You picked it clean of information I didn’t even realize was important. It was an exciting two hours. My head was spinning!

I’m glad you told me to bring a tape recorder. I was able to capture (and not forget) all you ideas—headlines, pricing strategy, offers, and additional back-end profit centers on tape. Your creative ideas boggle my mind.

Listening to the tape on the train ride home reinforced how much knowledge I learned from our meeting. If you had charged me $3,000 instead of only $800, I would have paid it.

I wish I had come to you to begin with – before I printed my book. You would have saved me from blowing over $25,000. Now I know why having the wrong title, aimed at the wrong audience, and pricing my book too low killed my chances of success.

Your connections in the field of mail order book publishing and marketing are awesome!

Your being able to get me a 900# in seven days, without my having to lay out thousands of dollars, was fantastic. I had no idea you were part of an international consortium that places over 50 billion dollars in the media.

It’s nice to know someone still cares about helping the small, individual, self-publisher, like myself. I’m happy you have accepted me as your client and friend. Enclosed is a check for $2,500 to retain five hours of your marketing advice-by-phone service.

Thanks so much for all the extra time you gave me – and for your willingness to take me on a year after I didn’t take your advice in the first place.

P.S. I now know why you offer a 100% moneyback guarantee on your advice. You gave me priceless ideas at the rate of 60 miles an hour.”
—Joseph B. McCullough, President

Newbourne Publications, Ltd.

"The two-hour consulting call left me feeling overwhelmed. I am glad you told me to record it and transcribe it. That’s the only way that much information could possibly be digested. Months have passed since our first call, and I am still using the information as my direction. As time goes by and I get more experienced, I realize more and more how valuable the information that you provide really is. At first, you seemed so sure and confident that it was difficult for me to believe you. However, it is very apparent that you know your stuff and that you have been there before. But when I look back on all the small amounts of money that I have spent going in the wrong direction, the net expense is comparable but the effort is less when I’m on the right path. By using you as my consultant, I feel like I have a "cheat sheet" for the test of successful self publishing"

—Jody Stallings, Creative Enterprises


“We are pleased to be working together with you on our marketing/strategic plan. Although we have been trying for over a year to market our book, Celebrating Life, and although it is a good book, attractive and addresses a vital need, and although we have spent over $300,000 for production and publicity to date, still we have not had the kind of success we need. In fact, we had almost come to the point of giving up when I found you.

Now, since speaking with you, we have a new vigor and determination in this project. I am convinced that we are on the threshold of a truly dynamic growth phase in sales. Your incredible insight and indefatigable enthusiasm has already been a shot in the arm for me.

Over the years, I have heard a lot of nonsense passed on as wisdom. But when you speak, I recognize the sound of truth sharpened by experience until it is a finely honed blade that cuts right to the heart of our needs. With only a few minutes visit on the phone, you have accurately identified our problem areas and begun to create a strategy for alleviating them.

Not only that, but your recommendations are completely affordable. You have absolutely convinced me that breakthrough marketing which generates sensational results can be precisely targeted and within a reasonable budget. But only if you are working with the right people.

And YOU are ‘the right people.’

Who else would have provided us with ‘fifteen minutes’ of free consultation that stretched into 35 minutes? Who else would have had the patience to wait on our slow-motion internal decision-making process? Throughout all of this, you have freely passed along advice to help us with our considerations, all without an agreement. So add courage and integrity to the list of your virtues.

I am looking forward to a quantum leap in knowledge from working with you.

P.S. By the way, your fees are inconsequential when compared to the solid advice and recommendations I received, which saved me both time and money, not to mention a lot of stress.”

Ted Arrington, Publisher


"When Skyward Publishing organized and undertook to publish its first book, New York: A Feast of Memories, we never in our wildest dreams could have imagined the demanding, exacting and intricate planning required. You, Dr. Andrew Linick, have ever so patiently and caringly taken, not only personal interest, but time to thoroughly analyze our every procedure and to guide us with clarity. We never cease to be amazed over your intuitive ability and creativity. You effortlessly and instantly outline every minute detail. Whatever the requirement necessary for marketing and promoting of this book, you handle it as though it were the only book on your agenda. This clearly is not the case, but your genuine commitment and patience does not go unnoticed by this newly organized publisher. No wonder we are so full of expectancy for a truly successful launching. With your insight, knowledge and professional contacts, how could our book fail to reach the public attention and in turn our highest hopes. With your experienced guidance, we look forward to each and every move toward seeing this intricate puzzle (only to us) fall into place."   

—Roberta Carroll, Skyward Publishing

"I was recommended by Michael Gerber, VP Viacom International. I spent one-and-one-quarter hours at the offices of Dr. Linick; paid $187.50 for his knowledge and advice, and within the first half-hour he saved me from spending $3,000 on printing. He changed and improved my title on the spot. Six Simple Steps to Compass Adjusting was changed to Compass Adjusting Made Easy. I learned a great deal about what to do in setting up my own mail-order business. His advice and counsel was definitely worth the fee he charged. I got real value for my dollar.”

—Gene Murphy, Gen-Dor Industries

Compass Adjustment & Instrument Repair




“I wanted to let you know that we at New Horizon Press are impressed with the way in which Blitz Media-Direct has handled our books, getting national coverage for our titles. You certainly have lived up to your guarantee for placement in 100 to 200 papers across the country, and everyone there has dealt with us in a meticulous, professional manner.

The columns written on our books have been eye-catching and engaging, as well as the monthly reports on the newspaper coverage of our releases. We appreciate receiving the organized, colorful graphs depicting which U.S. cities favor our books and how many of the top markets we've hit. Your company has done a commendable job of keeping our books in the view of potential customers. Thank you for your impressive services.”
Joseph Marron, Assistant Editor, Projects and Publicity

New Horizon Press


 “InfoConversion, the electronic publishing division of Grumman Data Systems, is currently pursuing an aggressive marketing plan which includes targeted direct mail and sophisticated market research. Your suggestions, guidance and willingness to work hard have been instrumental in the undertaking of these two comprehensive efforts. We look forward to the continuation of a mutually beneficial, long-term business association. Again, thanks for all your help."

—Deborah Seal, InfoConversion


“I have known Dr. Andrew Linick for the past four years. In that time, he has constantly shown me his extraordinary creativity, knowledge, and experience in the business of promotion. As a magazine publisher for the last 25 years, I've seen first-hand how difficult public relations, marketing, and advertising can be. These things are so hard to get right and too easy to get wrong! Andrew is the kind of promotional genius who knows how to get it right while making it look easy —a rare talent, indeed. In our consultations, he has repeatedly provided me with imaginative—yet sound business-wise— solutions for every part of my promotions and business planning. With great expertise and direct honesty, he has made me aware of solutions (and hidden problems) that I would not have conceived of on my own. Here's a tip of my hat to Andrew, a man who saves you time, effort, and money. His services are more than a business bargain, they are a business education.”

 —Steve Dodds, Publisher

Caprice Magazine

“To say that I am impressed with the depth of your knowledge, is an understatement. Having already spoken with a number of ‘experts’ in this industry, it is obvious that your abilities greatly exceed the ‘perceived’ standard of excellence in direct marketing.

The few hours that we have spent together on this project have been productive beyond my expectations, and I feel that a momentum and synergy is growing rapidly.

It is an exceedingly rare occurrence when insight is paired with analytical talent. It is rarer still when creative ability and great imagination are also present. These gifts are quite obviously yours, and it is our good fortune to have come upon them at precisely the right time. Your willingness to freely share your considerable knowledge and talents with your client, ‘friends’ is quite frankly, an almost unheard of quality in business today.

It has never been my habit to settle for anything less than the very best, and I am thoroughly convinced that I have found exactly that with you and your company.”
Joseph F. Kuhn

Millennium Publishing   


"Your direct mail copy is giving us great results. Just picked up this morning’s mail and I am happy to report we have received 175 replies from a mailing of 2,000! Your other suggestions about re-designing our newsletter and implementing the other ancillary profit centers we were not aware of have been very beneficial.

It amazes me what a fresh pair of eyes will uncover. Thanks to your advice via your ‘phone credit bank,’ you saved us from making a $10,000 blunder. I’m so glad we subscribed to your service in time for us to catch this big mistake. So far, we spent $3,000 for two months worth of phone consultation. Because of the money you saved and made us, your advice has been literally for free!

Andrew, I certainly appreciate your innovative ideas and fertile imagination. You are always there when I need to provide solutions to pressing problems—especially when I can’t leave the office. Your advice is right on target. Just as important, it’s a pleasure to be in your company and work with you. For my money, you’re a genuine professional who thrives on solving other people’s problems, which is tops in my book. It’s always a pleasure for me to recommend your creative services to everyone I meet. Talk to you soon…and thanks again for really caring."

—Robert Kaplan

Newsletter Communications Corp.

"I first saw The Copyologist’s® name, Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D., in Folio magazine. I called and talked with him for fifteen minutes—I knew from his answers, he was the right man to consult with about Body in Motion, the new publication devoted to all the best skills in physical healing and therapeutic exercise. I needed an expert second opinion. I had paid for a marketing plan from a major direct response agency in Chicago and I wanted to know if my budget of 300M for 1984 was allo
cated properly.

Dr. Linick saved us from making at least $50,000 worth of mistakes. His knowledge about circulation, promotion, media planning, and direct mail, was worth 160 times his consulting fee. I highly recommend Dr. Linick’s creative and consulting services. He’s a professional who really enjoys providing solutions to marketing problems.”         

—Dr. Bob Moran, Publisher, Body in Motion

“After having conferred with two of the largest book distributors in the United States, contacted and/or visited fulfillment houses in and out of California, listened to people on the local level in the marketing profession and had appointments with two successful consulting firms in the San Francisco Bay Area, it became obvious that you Dr. Linick had the most expertise and resources to make my book marketing idea a success. I was also given the distinct impression that if you had felt the concept not worth pursuing, you would not have taken on the project, saving us both time and money. This honesty was greatly appreciated and has continued to be the framework within which you have worked ever since.

I’m sure you will find your share of future clients somewhat stunned at the thought of a $400 an hour consultation call. You know I was. Tell them it will be the best money they will ever spend. The creativity, expansion, and eventual refinement of my business idea occurred during that telephone time and will lead to the success of the enterprise. Your imaginative ideas and enthusiasm came much too fast for a letter or fax. Much would have been lost, perhaps even the exciting direction the business is now going to take would not have been discovered.

I look forward to working with you in the future and appreciate the integrity, professionalism, and personal care you and Blitz Media-Direct extend towards your clients.”
—Nancy L. Staples

The Staples Group

“It is rare to find an individual or company these days that truly delivers what they promise you they can. That is why, when Andrew Linick and I met to discuss the concerns I had for my small publishing company, there was a good amount of apprehension. I am pleased to state that I was more than satisfied with the outcome of our discussions.

Andrew Linick is a direct-marketing professional that provides more than a few pat answers to problems. He offers a variety of suggestions and recommendations that span a wide range of possibilities. As a result of his evaluation of the advertising and marketing concerns that I had shared with him, he was able to home in on specific approaches that were most likely to get quicker results for my purposes. I am sure that as a result of his recommendations, keyed to our implementation, we will see the type of increased sales that we seek.

When we met to go over my concerns for direct marketing, the thing that initially impressed me the most was the amount of time that had been spent reviewing material and responses to questions that had been sent to Dr. Linick prior to our meeting. The products that I had sent, the company’s business plan, and samples of previously used mailing pieces had all been reviewed in detail. Copious notes had been taken and additional questions generated, so that when we sat down to work, there was no wasted time. I got my money’s worth.

I have been in publishing for more than twenty years. And in this amount of time, I have learned a great deal about the in’s and out’s of the industry. However, Andrew Linick brought fresh new ideas to me that I had not previously considered, while validating (which was important) other ideas and concepts that I was familiar with, but had not taken the time to pursue. As a result of our work together, I am sure that PMD Press will continue to see increased sales results in the area of direct marketing.

His positive attitude and willingness to share experiences, ideas and concepts makes Andrew Linick a valued tool in the direct marketing industry – as well as the kind of professional I know I can turn to in the future for insightful assistance. I am a looking forward to working with him on additional projects.”
 —Dennis N. McClellan, President

Paul M. Deutsch Press, Inc.

This is just a note to let you know how much we appreciate the critique of our 4-page sales letter. Your advice and suggestions were right on target. Had we gone ahead with this letter we would have made a serious mistake in spending our marketing dollars.

It’s quite a shock to find out the letter is worthless, as is. However, it’s better to find out now than later especially since we spent $3,100 to have it written.

Your interest in a client’s product and the no nonsense approach to marketing is refreshing. As far as we are concerned, you can handle our marketing anytime.

If you will allow me, I would like to offer some sound advice to any future clients of yours: Be quiet and pay attention to what Andy Linick has to say. Believe me, I found out the hard way, the difference is in your pocketbook.”
Joe Lawless, President/CEO

Casino Digest, Inc.

I am writing to tell you of how ecstatic I am of the services provided by The Linick Group. Being a small publisher with limited finances, I decided to seek professional marketing assistance. Because of your personal success in the martial arts publication field, I decided to start a direct marketing plan.

The plan I received is fabulous. You generated numerous ideas and directions that I had not previously, not ever would have considered. Also, I received many resources that reduced my business costs considerably. The marketing plan also included a critique of my current products. These critiques were right on target and the quality of my products has been greatly enhanced.

I subscribed to your ‘phone credit bank’ later in the year. After a two-hour session, I was left totally exhausted. You had obviously done your research and I’m glad we recorded the session because the flood of ideas was so intense that after a half-hour my brain was sizzling.

But your expertise does not end there. You produced two ads that are certain winners. In fact two major martial arts magazines approached us to run the ads free for a portion of the profit. This makes a risk-free return for us, which goes beyond my wildest expectations.

Additionally, thanks to your direct efforts we can now test the ads on a national level. I can say without reservation that we have gone from a struggling firm without direction to a firm poised for national success.

Thank you for your patience, your support and your advice.

Let me conclude by saying that although I have an MBA from one of the top business schools in the country, I have learned more from you this year than I learned from all of my marketing courses.
—D’Arcy Rahming, President

Modern Bu-jutsu, Inc.

“Thank you for your fax with the invoice. In that regard I am enclosing another check for $1,000.

Although we were able to record much of our conversation, we didn’t get it all because we ran out of tape. Also, there was some research you didn’t get a chance to communicate. Therefore, if you could fax or send the research statistics and other suggestions you made it would be most helpful. It doesn’t matter what form they take, i.e. handwritten notes are fine.

We did enjoy and appreciate our discussion with you. You brought up some ideas and suggestions that we had not considered, as well as reinforced our thoughts and feelings in other areas. The need for a detailed marketing plan we knew, but combining it with product testing and research was the ingredient we were lacking.

As we discussed, this is something on which we may want to work with you, but first, as I told you, we need to get through a session with our current (and one potential new) investors on a review of our first six months and our overall strategic plan for the company as we go forward. This is an important meeting for us and I will need to devote most of my time to it over the next two weeks. I would like to speak with you during that time, however, to discuss some ideas and perhaps get some additional research.

I look forward to our next conversation.
Mark W. Staples, President

Millennium Publications