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Welcome to the NWPB e-mail preference service, provided FREE to all Web users since 1995. ANY INCOMPLETE FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. All information will be kept confidential. Privacy Policy: We never share your email information. Period!


By placing your e-mail address in this list, you will no longer receive special huge discount offerings—up to 90% off merchandise/products/services, invites to local book signings, 20% off of pre-publication books/DVD’s and other trade discount mailings from


If you are receiving an e-zine through the service, please utilize the unsubscribe hyperlinks that are included at the bottom of every mailing. believes in not e-mailing people that do not wish to receive e-mails from us. Complete the form below to be placed on our do not mail list.
Thank you in advance and have a most enjoyable day or night.
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May we ask you a favor? Your answers are extremely important to us and are confidential.

In trying to understand how to service our subscribers better, we ask you to select the option which bests suits the reason why you want to be removed. Please be candid as we appreciate your honest feedback. Thank you!


           I receive too much email.

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